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  • Level IV Bodyguard training
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  • First Aid -CPR training
  • Advanced firearm training
  • Concealed Handgun class

Are you looking for Bodyguard training or the State of Texas Level-4 PPO Bodyguard course and want it done correctly? Then you found the right place and here is some great information you should know moving forward into this field as a starting point.

To be successful in the Bodyguard or Executive Protection industry, as with any field, you have to have some type of formalized or specialized training under your belt that far exceeds basic security guard training. Those looking into the field of Executive Protection (Bodyguard) are required to have both the basic and the advanced skills needed.

 No needed to go all over town piecing together your training, we also offer: Baton, Pepper Spray, Handcuffing, First Aid, CEW, CHL, NRA classes, and all state required security courses and more.

Anyone can watch a couple of videos or order a few books online, but nothing beats official certified instruction at a qualified state certified security training academy. There are hundreds of bodyguard-type courses offered throughout the nation, some even advertise a course online which is strongly discouraged by every protection professional (and not recognized by the state of Texas, nor any creditable employer). There are just too many things you must know and do such as practical applications, tests, use of defensive tools and weapons qualification that you cannot do over the internet or through a book or video.



Some “weapons classes, advanced tactics courses, or gun clinics”  (whether national or local) can be found all over the internet but many are not even licensed by their State as a “DPS Security Training Academy” or a “DPS state licensed school,” nor have DPS state licensed instructors. Some claim to offer “professional training” and certificates, but they are not regulated by anyone nor have to follow any set standards, or are ever inspected-most require zero criteria to be a “instructor” at their location. Although some may hand you an “official looking” certificate, that certificate won’t help you at all when attempting to become a licensed Bodyguard in the State of Texas. Secondly, when thinking about liability in a use of force case or lawsuit- is that other location or gun clinic instructor going to come to court to help you? Does he or she have state approved lesson plans to back up your training and actions? – We do .


Texas Certified Training Academy is a state licensed and regulated school which teaches the courses provided and approved by the State of Texas. Our instructors are state licensed and have extensive backgrounds in the industry to include overseas deployments for the Department of Defense. They too have “been there, done that” (got the T-shirts and medals) and will pass down that education in our state licensed courses. TCTA prides itself on offering real world instruction from our instructor’s personal experiences, not just training solely from a manual or a rehash of a security Commission,  CHL or NRA safety course. You will receive a certificate of completion which is accepted by every security company along with the State of Texas Department of Public Safety in order to get your state license.


Don’t waste your money with so-called “online certificate” programs for Bodyguard training; those certificates are not accredited by any legitimate state board of education, in any state. No college will accept those credits to transfer to their school and no employer will be impressed with them at all, they all know how you got them-online. Any certificates or licenses you are given online or from out-of-state schools may have some educational benefit, but again they are not valid in the state of Texas. Unlike what you may have heard, there is no such thing as a “national or global” bodyguard license or certification which is supposed to allow you to work anywhere; again, each state has different requirements and those are just advertisement ploys.

Regardless of what your prior experience may be (both police or military), the State of Texas still requires that you attend a 40 hour Commissioned Level-3 security class along with a Level-4 Personal Protection Officer course, both of which must be given by a Texas state approved and licensed security training academy that is specifically licensed to do this with instructors specifically licensed to train this course. As such, your average NRA, CHL, range instructor, gun clinic,  or even a TECLOSE instructor cannot provide this official class, unless they too hold all the additional required credentials from DPS as we do.

We are a law, and procedure heavy course, to include a DPS-RSD regulation heavy course while also providing text book logistical foundations to the beginner (as the level-4 is), once that is done we always encourage everyone to seek high level and tactical training (from anyone), but for a basic bodyguard 101 class it is not necessary, and our class is well within your budget to get you going with a great foundation and in the right direction.

With our short course – we like to make you very knowledgeable about the law and procedures. We always like to say “it is easier to take a person well educated in the law and turn him in to a good shooter with practice, but it is not so easy to take any “gun slinger”or weapons expert and automatically make him well educated in the law”. – With that said, anyone worth their weight in gold will tell you that in this business you use your head more than your firearm (that’s where the laws and procedures come in), and that’s what makes TCTA a little different in how we go about it. We also have to look at our client base and what they want. We are not the answer to everything but a great force multiplier, and a strong foundation to those just starting out.

If you are looking for additional training above and beyond the basic Level-4 bodyguard course- not a problem we can provide that and make it happen for you as well. We teach groups,  and small classes, and can even travel to your location for all training and testing.

Remember this:

“Don’t fool yourself- Professionalism is not just a state of mind, it is a status earned through education, training, and performance.”

For a full education on security courses and requirements view our main site or follow the link at the top – thank you.


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